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We are proud to be associated with Temuka Pottery and its large history. 


Pottery production began on the Temuka Site in the 1930's. Arthur Toplis, factory manager for NEECO (National Electric and Engineering Company) started producing small items for New Zealand Insulators' customers. New Zealand Insulators at the time being Temuka Pottery's parent company. Insulators are still being produced at the Temuka factory site today. A separate pottery manufacturing area was built at the factory in 1977 after demand for items. Manufacturing continued at the Temuka Factory until the early 2000's, and it was relocated to the current factory in Palmerston North.  

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Where we are now..

All Temuka Pottery tableware is now produced at the factory in Palmerston North. 

The hand-painted pottery in store is our own work, sometimes using Temuka Pottery shapes to paint on. These can be purchased on our website only. 

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